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Residential Properties

Athol Street Renovation​

A rejuvenation of your home can add add significantly to the re-sale value of your property

Residential Properties

Manor Road, Hornsby

For those that prefer a modern architectural design, this project provides and excellent example of the type of results you can get. This project required construction on a sloping block an incorporates custom design throughout the interiors with open plan living areas and oversize master bathroom.

Real Estate

Marine Cres, Hornsby Heights

A complete renovation was performed on this property in order to transform it into home that looks new including outdoor decking, living areas and back yard.

Residential Properties

Decking & Outdoor Work

A showcase of various decking solutions over the years, transform outdoor areas and increase your entertainment and enjoyment at home.

Residential Properties

Hamptons Style, Hornsby

East coast US style architectural design incorporating stone and Hamptons styling, we can take a planned concept and bring it to life.

Residential Properties

Deck Before & After

Rejuvenation of your outdoor and decking areas brings new life to your home, not to mention the increase in it’s value.